Save Sattal

JCB at Sattal

Save Sattal from ecological disaster. The unique and gentle stillness of this critical eco-system is at risk of being destroyed under the garb of ‘Lake Side Beautification and Development’. The plans include constructing shops, parking, a children’s park, view point and a library.

Sattal is home to over 525 varieties of butterflies and 500 species of birds that are in danger if this area is not preserved.

The seven serene and beautiful lakes and the area of Sattal have been held supremely sacred through passing yugas of time.

Will we ever acknowledge that without sustainability, we may not survive to see a new dawn?

Tomorrow is too late. We must be the change today. Save Sattal now.

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  1. Over the last few years Kumaon and Garhwal have been increasingly in the news, and yet we remain heedless! Flash floods, forest fires, drought, avalanches, cloudbursts,landslides, we have seen horrific footage, and heard terrible news increasingly from these regions. Nanda Devi must be awake and angry. Bhayankar is the roop that Nature takes when she is aroused, and she will spare no one, once she is enraged.

We encourage you to engage with Save Kumaon

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