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GlobalConsicience.World is a nonprofit organization. You can support or volunteer to help one or more of our partners plant billions of trees, educate people, pressure politicians, and give some hope to the seventy-five percent of young people who are scared of the future. You can take ideas from our partners and start your own organization. You can even become one of our volunteer Ambassadors (which would be fantastic). Scientists have known for years that global warming is real, that it is caused by human activities, and that it threatens the future of mankind. They have also known for years that the solution is to stop extracting and burning fossil fuels. But when businesses do not have to worry about being penalized for the environmental damages they are causing and politicians are not penalized for choosing fossil fuel money over people and the planet, facts are not enough. Which is why our people’s war on global warming is being fought on two fronts. One is partnering with and promoting organizations that are not waiting for politicians to act. The other is aimed at beating fossil fuel money, lobbyists, and lies with votes. Everything our Ambassadors share about our partners, everything each of our partners is doing, every interview with an expert, every article that shows how bad the global warming problem is or how politicians are ignoring real solutions, and every video watched will hopefully make someone not only step up and do something today, but will also make them want to vote.


Our partners are boots-on-the-ground activists pouring water on the fires. When our Ambassadors share what our partners are doing, they are showing the world there are people and organizations that know we need actions, not words. And we need it now.

We encourage you to engage with Save Kumaon

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